Personal, Poetry


wake up to a mess,

laying undressed,

and I’m next to

a warm body

that i can caress,


tracing light lines

around his tight spine

swept up by tiredness

mind distracted by

how what I did

might be just a bit

out of line


no podía parar de reír.

y siempre él me preguntaba

por qué me ría.

y mi respuesta fue

que no puedo creer

q hice, en serio


si, eso es la verdad

pero solo la mitad,

porque también yo me río

cuando estoy satisfecho


student and teacher

but yet don’t we each

bare a bit of the

responsibility of

what happened,

at the very least?


my challenge now

is to retain my power

men think sex with a woman

makes them sour


perhaps this is why

my only goodbye was a hug.

I just need to not give a fuck.


too late?

I do not yet know,

But I absolutely cannot

Let my emotions show.

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